Areas of Expertise

Regulatory Compliance
Aptissimi provides tactical assistance, best practices, and guidance to help clients comply with constantly evolving United States and global regulations. We help with issues surrounding Dodd-Frank, FBAR, Sox, IFRS, HIPAA, PPACA (Health Care Reform), FATCA, and PCI. We can help assess regulatory impact and implement compliance strategies for your organization.

Technology Initiatives
Instead of an army of IT soldiers, sometimes you simply need a seasoned partner like Aptissimi to look at the problem holistically. We offer road-tested technology expertise in the following areas:

  • ERP configuration and integration
  • Post-implementation optimization
  • System evaluation, selection, and configuration
  • IT security
  • Database design, and application development
  • Application training
  • Conversion assistance, data extraction, and manipulation

There When You Need Us
Aptissimi consists of more than 100 highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds in technology, finance, supply chain, offshoring, marketing, and strategy development. Whether it’s days or months, we can be there in a moments notice to help until your problem is resolved – quickly and cost-effectively.

Interim Roles
For many companies today, adding or replacing FTE headcount is not an option. If the employee is gone, but the work is not, we have qualified professionals that can step into nearly any role.

With titles our employees have held previously and responsibilities they’ve mastered, we’ll work with you to get the job done – while helping you review processes, redesign workflow, and reassign tasks to accomodate the new reduced staffing levels.

When it comes your business, the only thing constant is the relentless drivers of change including global competition, revolutionary technologies, new market dynamics, and ever-increasing compliance requirements.

If your plan for staffing hasn’t adapted to the new reality of constant change, your business may be overstaffed — or overwhelmed. We can show you how to change that, and that’s a change you can plan for.